SEPTEMBER 26, 2020
What People Are Saying


“I chose Catholic school for my sons because I wanted them to be in a safe and loving environment, surrounded by God.  I know that they are loved, and are being taught all the skills they need to have a rich and fruitful life.” – Genesis M., alumnae and parent


“This is my daughter’s third year…and she is thriving under excellent instruction by patient and loving teachers.” – Teri M., parent


“Catholic schools have offered this community the gift of truth, in a world that is often cynical and cruel.” – Valerie H., parent


“The education I received…has given me the confidence to aspire to greater things, and the courage to do so without giving in to the pressure to change who I am.” – Rachel G., former student


“I love the fact that our son is being taught the same family and Christian values at school that we teach at home.  The teacher newsletters allow for great conversations at home about the saints, prayer and traditions of the Catholic Church.” – Valerie B., parent


“My Catholic education has taught me the values of community service, volunteer work, and helping others.  I like being involved with something that has to help others. It not only benefits them, it benefits the community as a whole.” – Victoria F., student


”Having gone to Catholic schools ourselves, my husband and I are happy knowing that our children are getting a great education while learning the strong Christian values and faith that will help them grow into the people that God wants them to be.” – Alyson S., parent


“Catholic schools contribute to their communities in many ways, however the most obvious is by teaching their students the characteristics they need to become productive and Godly members of their communities. They produce students who have the drive and ability to become leaders within their communities, and beyond.” – Candice D., parent


“I like my school because it challenges me to do my best.  I also love my school because of all my friends there.  It feels like a second home.” – Wesley C., elementary student


“Catholic schools, compared to other programs, offer a deeper level of understanding of one’s moral compass, in addition to scholastics. While many other schools programs are becoming increasingly secular, the Catholic education system provides exposure to Christian values and teachers that are otherwise all but inaccessible.” – William R., Class of 2015 


“It’s hard to fight with somebody you pray with five times a day.” – elementary student, overheard

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